Military İnfluence İn Fashion

For a long time, technology and the army have been related. For this reason, research on more resistant fabrics began to be used first in military troops, subsequently; the common fashion society uses them.

But leaving aside the material which fabrics are made, fashion or military-style has always attracted for its unique way of carrying colors and design patterns.

One of the classics examples of military influence in everyday fashion is the use of camouflage patterns, the characteristic olive green being the most widely used color. Interestingly, camouflage was introduced in the First World War by French artists to give several advantages to Gallic troops of being able to lose themselves in the environment and deceive enemies. From there, the vast majority of armies began using this technique, and after this, the fashion world didn’t leave the opportunity of taking the singular style and making it a fashion hit.

In September 2016, the interior designer Timothy Godblod published a book called “Military Style Invades Fashion” where Timothy abounds on the issue of how the world of conventional fashion cloth began to adopt certain military trends and use them to create any type of clothes that everyone can easily use in any moment and any context.

In addition, the book provides examples of garments such as Bomber jackets, aviator lenses, dazzle lines, camouflage with digital patterns or Woodland and how these garments became part of everyday wear.

One of these examples and one of the most curious and significant is the use of dazzle in garments to make sets. These types of black and white lines were used by the British navy so that enemies (in this case, German submarine) could not measure the size of the vessels, even using a periscope.

Without doubts, military cloth has worked as an inspiration for fashion since the past century and probably this is going to happen in the future.

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