Ceremony Footwear

In modern times, footwear has represented a status because, despite being in the lower part of the body, it’s a garment that jumps out of sight since it is located in one of the focal points of the body, as well as the face and hair.
While the military is more than accustomed to dressing in a very particular way, their uniforms were the most significant (including boots), these from time to time should change their clothing when they are in a public event.
Therefore, when using a ceremony suit, the footwear must correspond to the elegance that is worn at that moment, boots are set aside and ceremony shoes enter the scene.
These types of shoes are similarly used by police officers in a more common way, however, in the case of the military mode, there are used as the best option to combine properly with the ceremony suits.
Generally, the color shoes for these types of fabrics are black because this color combines with any other color.
Returning to the issue of the meaning of the shoes, it should be emphasized that it also connotes a base, a foundation that this item helps to stand strong on the ground. Similarly, aesthetic and style reinforce the image of the person who wears them; in this case, military ceremony suits, elegant footwear the neat and respectable image of a soldier.
The elegance and formality are reinforced thanks to each component of the ceremony suit, including the laces and soles, in addition to the fact that the footwear must be polished to generate that shinny effect of cleanliness.
However, the military must be always presentable for any moment, the cleanliness and style of the shoes are more important when troops wear ceremony suits, especially in military ceremonies or any kind of parades.

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